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May 6, 2013

Words that Inspire & Thinking of my Mother

Through the years, I've always gotten insight and inspiration from what I read.  I follow some wonderful blogs for daily motivation -- the Daily Love and MariaShriver’s Ideas and Inspiration for Architects of Change.  I’m an avid collector of quotes, even building them into my jewelry – like the limited series of silver, tree-textured bracelets engraved with 4 of my favorite mantras from last Fall, and our upcoming Lyric Collection, a collaboration with Kelly Wyly O’Donovan. 

"ignore anyone who says it can't be done"

I work hard to stay inspired and to apply what I read to every aspect of my life.  There are many volumes of inspirational writing on my bookshelf, and out of all them, this one really speaks to me the most right now. 

About 10 years ago, I gave a copy of “A Deep Breath of Life” to my Mom.  Sometimes we'll share one of  Alan Cohen’s daily inspirations with each other; we'll email a paragraph or two, or send each other a text.  We’ve even used some of the passages to frame our time together, over morning coffee or when we’re together on a holiday.

My Mom has taught me so much.  She has instilled in me a beautiful set of values.  But perhaps most powerfully, she has taught me to trust my intuition.  In the noisy cacophony of leadership and life, my intuition is the voice I really need to hear.  

Here is one of the daily inspirations that my Mom and I both love.  Daily, deeply, I am thankful for her role in my life.

feel beautiful,

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