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July 17, 2012

A New Earring Was Born

One thing people always ask me is how we name our jewelry pieces, as each silhouette in my collections is typically a female name. And the honest truth is that the pieces always seem to fall into place. But there are a handful of items who get their name from special experiences or people in my life. One such story is the history of our 18kt yellow gold and diamond Meg chandeliers. 
Our Marilyn earrings in turquoise
I met our muse Meg through my friend Capera, who introduced us when Meg was looking for earrings for her wedding in October of 2010.  We instantly became friends -- Meg is an easy one for everyone to love.  While perusing our collection in our showroom, she came upon our award-winning Marilyn chandeliers.  While she loved them, they were a bit too long for her, so she requested we shorten them, and thus the Meg earring was born!

Meg & Doug Florence's Holiday Card, 2010
When I went to her baby shower a few months ago, the party was full of some of the most fun women of Dallas, and Meg has only lived here since 2009.  She simply attracts amazing and positive people super-easily. It was natural for me to name this new earring after such a fun-loving woman and friend!

Our Meg chandeliers in champagne quartz over mother of pearl
Today, Meg & Doug are the happy parents of a 
beautiful baby boy, Graham (Meg's maiden name), 
born June 13th. I visited last weekend and fell in-love!

Until next time...
xoxo Elizabeth

July 9, 2012

Gem Colors I Am In Love With

Working on Spring 2013 -- here is a color
sneak preview into what I might be designing with!

I have been designing for Spring 2013 now for a couple of months, and I am in the midst of testing two cool new concepts and finalizing the designs.  Stay in touch as I might soon share a glimpse into more detail for Spring next year...