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August 7, 2014



It's the epitome of simplicity, when time slows and windows open to the list of things we wish we could do all year long.  There are certain things I do every summer, my open windows during the dog days. 


My summer has to include a road trip.  Texas is vast, and the highways are endless.  Driving is a big reminder that life might seem short but there's always more road over the horizon.  
The highway between Amarillo and Childress, Texas on my recent road trip to Colorado.

The mountains do call me, and every summer, I must go!  

On Mt. Crested Butte in July
I learned to surf in California - actually, at a turning point in my jewelry design career when I was out west attending a gem course.  Surfing is freedom, and there is such a sense of accomplishment, at every stage of learning.  From that first paddle out, to achieving the feat of balancing on the board - it's not so much about riding the wave as it is about the personal challenge: being my best me on the board in the open ocean. 

Surfboards are utter simplicity in both shape and design.  So inspiring!

My summer is always about creative exploration, not just adventurous.  I try to get as far away in my imagination as I can during these slow summer months.  

Shortboard earrings from the Surfer Collection, a favorite summer earring


And there's always got to be a soundtrack!  

Click HERE and listen to my favorite summer tunes.

Elizabeth's Summer Soundtrack on the super cool music share site,

The perfect wave is out there.  Go find it.  Happy summer!

Feel beautiful!