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April 19, 2013

ICONIC I: Elizabeth Showers' Double Holey Surfer Ring

Iconic. To us, it means classic and timeless.  Fresh, and effortlessly feminine.  Iconic pieces are those that call us back, to wear again and again.  Even after all my years as a jewelry designer, the pieces that become iconic are often a surprise – that was definitely the case with my Double Holey Surfer ring.  

I designed the original Double Holey Surfer ring a year ago as a one-of-a-kind -- and have worn it almost every day since!  The light blue-green of the varascite stone is so unique.  The stones seem to glow, especially set in 18karat yellow gold.  Like Caribbean waves splashing up on a beach, this ring makes me think of the special times with my sister and her family at one of our favorite getaways, Harbour Island in the Bahamas. 

So iconic is this piece that I designed a version that’s at the center of my Spring/Summer Collection this year.  Part of my new, mixed metal collection, the Double Holey Surfer ring is available in green turquoise, blue turquoise, or mother-of-pearl set in 18karat gold, with a rhodiumed sterling silver tree branch shank. The Double Holey Surfer is inspired by my love for sea, and by the grounding peace of the forest.  This piece reminds me to breathe, and appreciate the beauty of life all around me.
The Double Holey Surfer ring goes with anything; jeans and a white T, or a jewel-toned jersey knit dress.  It’s on my finger for a yoga class or an elegant event.  It’s got to be wearable to be Iconic!  

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April 4, 2013


“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us” – Oscar Wilde

Found objects, if they inspire a memory, are art.  Some time ago, I came across the exposed foundation of a 1940’s building while out walking with my Mom through our hometown of Hillsboro, Texas.  The building was torn down in the 90’s, but it had been the original hospital for our area, and actually had been built by my Grandfather and Great Grandfather.  And in 1971, it’s where I was born.  That afternoon on our walk, Mom and I spent some time exploring what remained, and it was there that I found a beautiful fragment of tile, still a vivid, sea foam green.  

front side of the pendant

Standing there looking at it, I remember wondering if we could be near the room of my birth, if the tile could possibly be a remnant of that space and time, so many years ago.  Thanks to my Mom’s memory for detail and her eye for color, she confirmed my intuition.  

back side of the pendant

The tile I found on that day with my Mom is a powerful symbol for me, it’s my inspiration to live my life fully, every day. I set the tile fragment in 18 carat gold, inscribing the back with a a message along with my birth date, and wear it as a pendant almost every day.  Inspiration is in color, it’s in memories and messages.  My being present is what allows it to come to life in my work. 

the inspiration for my variscite ring with

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xxoo Elizabeth