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May 12, 2018

#VivaBibo, a Great Mom

I love this beautiful and precious woman.

I knew her as Bibo when I was a little girl (this photo is me with Bibo in an awesome wing back chair). She was my Great Great Great Aunt and one of my 4 favorite people outside my immediate family.

Her real name was Viva, which can mean a variety of positive things in Spanish around “living” as well as an exclamation of joy, and she brought so much joy to me and many others. What a great role model of kindness and caring she has been and still is in my life! While she never had children, she most certainly was a Great Mom to me. #VivaBibo

Happy Mother’s Day to mothers of all kinds! I think we need to celebrate all mothers every single day.

FUNNY FACT ABOUT BIBO: after her husband died, she drove from California to Hillsboro, Texas (my hometown) to just “visit” my Great Grandmother (Hattie). And she never left Hattie’s home until she passed away many many years later.