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February 4, 2014


I collect quotes.  
There are some amazing voices out there, whose words have changed my life.  Some of my favorite quotes come from the 13th c Sufi mystic Rumi, but also from more contemporary gurus like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson.  There are historic "poets" whom I admire, like Eleanor Roosevelt and Thoreau, and cultural ones - Audrey Hepburn, the Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley.  The Dalai Lama speaks to my Buddhist heart, as the Psalms sing to my Christian one.  It's the words of others that help me form my own.  Perhaps it's legacy -- maybe life is all about passing along the perfect words!  

Some of my heros, their words are music to my ears.  
My friend Ronda gave me a quote book that is never far from hand.  "She..." by Kobi Yamada is itself a work of art, these quotes always bring me solace and when I need it most, a laugh. 
The greatest gift of quotes, "She..." by Kobi Yamada
One of Yamada's quotes in "She..."
If you're on Facebook, you'll recognize my Friday Quote.  Choosing it every week is one of my favorite tasks.  And I love all the comments you post, about how a quote speaks to you or what it reminds you of.  Here is the first Friday Quote I posted on Facebook, almost a year ago.  (I'd love you to follow me on Facebook here so I can share my Friday Quote with you, every week.)   

Quotes are expressions of connection and bonding.  Friendship, and ultimately, love.  The simpler the better!

Feel Beautiful!