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August 27, 2010

QVC and Trip to New York for Meetings with Press

I was just in West Chester, PA to be on QVC, then took the train into New York to meet with several magazine editors for editorial placement. I met with editors from Real Simple, Self, Rapaport, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Town & Country. They all requested samples for various photo shoots, one of which is for a December cover shoot of a celebrity for Self Magazine (I can't say who it is yet)...crossing my fingers that our chandelier earrings will end up on this beautiful celeb! She's blonde, sweet, smart, and adorable and one of my favorites! The shot above is of the jewels that they requested...will keep you posted if it happens. Self had shot some of our jewelry on Ellen Pompeo for one of their past issues, but they sadly chose for the cover a photo of her without the you never know what will happen until print time...we will keep you posted!

I also met with Stefania and Claudia from Town & Country - I adore them! They included our new Simone turquoise Hope Star earrings in their July Philanthropy issue this year.

Town & Country featured our 18kt gold turquoise Simone earrings, and here they are below in the sterling silver version.

The weather was rainy but the highs were around 70 degrees while I was in New York - I didn't mind the rain because I was getting such a wonderful break from the horrid Texas heat (but happily returned to Dallas to 80 degrees on Wednesday).

August 23, 2010

Birthday Sale

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39th Birthday

I turn 39 today…mid-afternoon to be closer-to-exact. Wow, my life has flown by. And it’s been quite a journey. About 2 ½ years ago, I suddenly realized my age, my marital status (I wasn’t married), and the fact that I didn’t want to be a single mom but wanted to have children…and was frantic for a few months about this fact. I then took a deep breath, relaxed, and realized just how young I still was, and still am. Matter-of-fact, I am younger than I have ever been. I am wiser than I have ever been. And I feel more attractive than ever (from a spiritual and contentedness perspective). I really like and love my life. I feel very blessed. I recovered from anorexia 18+ years ago, which gave me the gift of a new, wonderfully full life where I'm free to be the woman I desire to be, which includes helping and inspiring other women who are struggling with eating disorders. While my struggles with anorexia do not define me any more, they were the catalyst to become the woman I am. I am still young, going easy on myself, and enjoying the present…that is my present to myself for my 39th birthday.

Eliza Moldawer (my niece) and me at Disneyworld

August 19, 2010

"GAIA" --meaning Goddess of the Earth

Recently I have been inspired by a woman named Paula Minnis who started a company called GAIA. Her involvement with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) led her to mentoring a Burmese refugee and mother of two, Catherin, whose story of struggle and oppression inspired Paula to start GAIA. GAIA's mission is to empower and employ refugee women from dire situations across the world. With a sustainable income these women are given the chance to make a new life for themselves in the U.S.


How Paula's volunteer work transformed her life:
In her own words, "I volunteered with several organizations in Dallas including
Attitudes & Attire, Genesis Women's Shelter, and Children's Cancer Fund. I also traveled to Peru last summer with an organization called Global Vision International, where I built fuel-efficient stoves for indigenous communities in the Andes.

Upon returning, I increased my commitment to the IRC, and became really focused on ways in which to improve the lives of the refugee women after they are resettled here. My goal with GAIA is to help marginalized women in our very own community, because once they feel empowered and their dignity is restored, they in turn inspire and influence their own it ideally becomes a lasting positive change!"

The name “GAIA” - meaning “Goddess of the Earth” - was chosen as a way to honor all women, from the ones who make GAIA products to the ones who purchase or receive them.

August 17, 2010

Interview with Peridot Fine Jewelry

I have known Dawn, the owner of Peridot, for almost 13 years. She first picked up my beaded jewelry collection (now currently known as my Vintage collection) and is now selling my 18kt gold and silver collections. I adore her and her fabulous stores (One in Greenwich, CT and the other is in Larchmont, NY)!

To read my interview with Peridot Fine Jewelry, click here to visit their blog!

August 16, 2010

Hiking Crested Butte to Aspen

I traveled to Crested Butte in the middle of my summer journey and went hiking with friends Monica, Amy and Martyn--we hiked from Crested Butte to Aspen in about 8 hours--we hiked up to the top of West Maroon Bells which has an altitude of 12,490 feet. I am in healthy shape, but having only been in Crested Butte for 4 days, I had not acclimated to this altitude, thus was a bit out of breath at the top of this mountain! We dined in Aspen at Mezzaluna--I had yummy pasta and ate it all as I was starving after that hike. Then we drove back to Crested Butte through Kebler Pass.

If you are in or near Aspen, don't forget to stop by
Elliott Yeary, one of our fabulous retailers!

The 28-mile unpaved road drive through Kebler Pass was a bit eerie but beautiful even in the dark--did you know that one of the earth's largest living organisms is the grove of Aspen trees at Kebler Pass? The Aspen tree forms large stands of genetically identical trees connected by a single underground root system. WOW!

I had no idea I would be riding ATVs (4-wheelers) for 6 hours with 2 guy friends of mine through the mountains of Crested Butte in the Cement Creek trail area--what exhilarating fun! During part of our journey, we raced around --above the tree line-- which here in the Rockies is about 11,500 feet. Here we are high-fiving after our first little run when the guys realized that I was actually a risk-taker ;)

August 13, 2010

Tabernash,CO and Devil's Thumb

Dinner outside at The Devil's Thumb Restaurant in Tabernash, CO (next to Winter Park) with my friends Clay, J., and Ali. I enjoyed yummy Rocky Mountain trout for dinner. And for an early birthday celebration (I will be 39 on August 23rd!), I blew out a candle and we shared a white chocolate bread pudding with caramel and vanilla bean ice cream
(the bread made from croissants)...I thought I wouldn't like it because I don't like white chocolate, but it was divine!

Ali and I in front of the gorgeous Rocky Mountains and the beautiful Colorado sky. Something else great about the Devil's Thumb Ranch, you can plan any type of event- weddings, meetings, and fun spa getaways with friends-on its 5000 acres.

August 12, 2010

Winter Park with Whitney and Friends

I am staying a week in Winter Park, CO with my best friend from childhood, Ali, her husband J, their 4-year old son, Sam, and a mutual friend from high school, Clay. My dog, Whitney, my friend Clay and I hiked up one of Winter Park's mountains to Sunspot to eat lunch during my time here--we both had yummy bison burgers and fries. It rained on us a little on the way back down, but we enjoyed it all, especially seeing how much fun Whitney had off the leash! She ran off for a few minutes, but Clay and I split up and found her, thank God!

After our hike, Whitney was soaking wet, so we put her in the back of my MINI Cooper--she actually stayed back there and seemed content in her little space. There happens to be a large annual gathering of MINI Cooper enthusiasts here in Winter Park--go to MINIs in the mountains for more info--it's occurring now, August 12-15th--there are about 325 MINIs in town right now--we saw 22 in a row this morning on the highway!!

August 2, 2010

Erin's Birthday

Rosy, Lynn and I celebrated with our friend Erin for her birthday at Fering's at The Ritz here in Dallas about 3 weeks ago. Erin has been a friend from and since our years at SMU in Dallas and has now worked for me as my operations manager since December 2007! Now when you call my office, you can put a face with the name. From left to right: me, Rosy, Erin, and Lynn