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March 30, 2011

It has been a whirlwind since my last blog post! We have had so many great changes around here. With the biggest change being an additional sales person, Michelle Mims.

My other salesperson of 3 1/2 years, Karen Bates Novakowski, took maternity leave for 3 months to focus on the arrival of her little girl, Eva, and just returned this month.

Personally, I have been busy designing Fall 2011. I took a trip to Tucson in early February, and had quite an amazing adventure. It was unlike any experience I've ever had shopping for gems. Something new has switched on within me, and I am nerdily becoming obsessed with rocks and fossils. If I could use dinasour bones in my jewelry I would. I just haven't figured out a feminine way to do it yet, but I'm sure I will. I went into a trance while shopping and became lost in it. It's truly incredible what comes out of our Earth! These are just a few things I found during my trip. I cannot wait to incorporate some of these beautiful stones into some of my one-of-a kind pieces!

My designs for Spring and Summer are so feminine, like these clothing styles for the season. Our gemstone choices are the perfect fit with the current color pallette. Rather, I should say our gemstone color pallette not only fits "now", but also will remain lasting options moving forward...that is to say, while they work with the current trends, they are not "trendy"!

On a recent trip to New York I spent time with my mom and sister. We are now making an annual trip together. Here is Susanna and my mother at The Waverly Inn.

I'd been wanting to check out the Waverly Inn, especially since I'd seen, "Public Speaking", a Martin Scorsese HBO documentary, which examines the life and work of author Fran Lebowitz. It was filmed almost entirely in "her booth" at The Waverly Inn with Martin Scorsese interviewing her. I highly recommend this film. To say that she is quite hilarious would be a gross understatement. Her favorite thing in life is basically being asked for her opinion on anything.

After my mom and sister left New York, I worked for a couple of days meeting with editors in the city, so this put me in New York on Valentine's in aniticipation of wanting a dinner date on Valentine's Day night, I had called my sure-to-make-me-laugh friend, Ray Griffiths (a fellow Jewelry Designer who in his previous life designed and hand-crafted tiaras in his homeland of Australia. Yes, that's what I said, tiaras!). We ate a yummy dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, Almond, on East 22nd and 5th Avenue.

I am leaving for Thailand in just a few days to finalize our Fall 2011 Gold and Silver Collections. We are testing a form of making gold jewelry that is new to me and my company--I am excited about this new adventure.

To be continued upon my return....