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August 1, 2012

While Elizabeth is away......

....her sales team will play!  Elizabeth is on a fabulous vacation to the Bahamas with her sister, Susanna. (jealous!)  While she is away she asked us, her sales team, to post this weeks blog! With the last few weeks of this crazy hot summer upon us here is a taste of what we in the office have been wearing this season!  We could not be more obsessed with the white agate, green and blue turquoise, moonstone, and moss agate.

If you know Elizabeth and her brand you will know that she truly sees her designs as more than just pretty jewelry.  "She infuses each of her designs with the conviction that every woman is beautiful and strong."  That conviction is carried over into our office and it makes for a pretty empowering place to work...and super fun!  She truly challenges us to stop sweating the small stuff and remember in that moment what makes us feel powerful and productive...and yes, beautiful.

At this moment and really every moment since November 23, 2010 what makes me feel happy and beautiful is my daughter, Eva.  Whether a trip to the beach or loving on our dogs, Sophie and Lyla, there is nothing like experiencing and seeing the world through the eyes of child.  Everything is so new and exciting and I get to see it and experience it all over again for the first time with her!

I just returned from a vacation to Colorado that included an incredible 3 day bike ride benefitting the Children's Hospital of Denver, Courage Classic.  I road with my cousin Kristen and her husband, Scott Miner.  Nothing is better than a great bike ride benefitting a great cause or a hike to the top of a mountain with your close family.  Fresh air equals a fresh outlook on life!

Seeing that Elizabeth’s brand message is to always make women feel good about themselves, she often asks us what it is that makes us feel happy or good about ourselves. There is one thing that always comes to mind for me: Charlie.  Every time I walk through the door he welcomes me with open arms and unconditional love.  Anytime I begin to feel stressed or upset, Charlie is always there to put a smile on my face.

We also want to welcome Whitney to the Elizabeth Showers team!  She just joined us in June and with her excellent taste and enthusiam she is the perfect addition to our group. 

Stay tuned for Elizabeth's posts on all the rest of her summer travels....

Until next time!

Elizabeth Showers Sales Team
Karen, Michelle, and Whitney

July 17, 2012

A New Earring Was Born

One thing people always ask me is how we name our jewelry pieces, as each silhouette in my collections is typically a female name. And the honest truth is that the pieces always seem to fall into place. But there are a handful of items who get their name from special experiences or people in my life. One such story is the history of our 18kt yellow gold and diamond Meg chandeliers. 
Our Marilyn earrings in turquoise
I met our muse Meg through my friend Capera, who introduced us when Meg was looking for earrings for her wedding in October of 2010.  We instantly became friends -- Meg is an easy one for everyone to love.  While perusing our collection in our showroom, she came upon our award-winning Marilyn chandeliers.  While she loved them, they were a bit too long for her, so she requested we shorten them, and thus the Meg earring was born!

Meg & Doug Florence's Holiday Card, 2010
When I went to her baby shower a few months ago, the party was full of some of the most fun women of Dallas, and Meg has only lived here since 2009.  She simply attracts amazing and positive people super-easily. It was natural for me to name this new earring after such a fun-loving woman and friend!

Our Meg chandeliers in champagne quartz over mother of pearl
Today, Meg & Doug are the happy parents of a 
beautiful baby boy, Graham (Meg's maiden name), 
born June 13th. I visited last weekend and fell in-love!

Until next time...
xoxo Elizabeth

July 9, 2012

Gem Colors I Am In Love With

Working on Spring 2013 -- here is a color
sneak preview into what I might be designing with!

I have been designing for Spring 2013 now for a couple of months, and I am in the midst of testing two cool new concepts and finalizing the designs.  Stay in touch as I might soon share a glimpse into more detail for Spring next year...

June 27, 2012

Empower a Child

Helping others feel beautiful is our company's mission because of how important it is to me. A cause near and dear to my heart is North Texas Food Bank's Food 4 Kids program, and I have been blessed with being one of the chairs. Our loyal blog readers are familiar with the program, but for new followers, Food 4 Kids provides 8,250 children in need in the Dallas area with backpacks filled with food each weekend during the school year.  
Me with Lael Brodsky and Kathryn Beach, my new co-chairs
for North Texas Food Bank Food 4 Kids Program
We just celebrated surpassing our $350,000 projected goal all the way to $415,881 in donations for the Food 4 Kids Program for the 2011-12 fiscal year - a huge success for our board.  Katherine and Eric Reeves hosted our Wrap-Up event for our end-of-year at their home a couple of weeks ago.  It was a beautiful gathering with a great energy celebrating the money raised for the Food 4 Kids Program.

Me with Kim Schlegel-Whitman and Katherine Perot-Reeves,
my 2011-2012 co-chairs -- I will miss them but I know they will
be just as supportive behind the scenes, no doubt!
Here's to a great new year of raising money to help the children of our community!  

P.S. Please let me know if you have an interest in getting involved in this great cause--by volunteering or potentially being on our host committee.  xxoo  Elizabeth

June 26, 2012

Butterflies & Ballgowns

Partial image of "Sympathy in White Major - Absolution II," 2006
I took a quick trip over to Tate Modern to see the Damien Hirst exhibit.  I have been a fan of his butterfly canvases, so seeing Sympathy in White Major - Absolution II up-close was amazing.  These particular canvases are always laid out in incredible mosaics of butterflies.  Butterflies symbolize change.  And life is always changing and evolving, as my designs are always changing and evolving.

Crematorium, 1996

Hirst's other works are perhaps a bit over the top for me, as their aesthetic is not necessarily beautiful, but extremely thought-provoking, such as the gigantic ashtray above filled with used cigarette butts, Crematorium.

With the beautiful ladies of Astley Clarke!
A highlight of my trip was visiting with the lovely personal shoppers of Astley Clarke, our retailer in the U.K.

Some of the ballgowns on display at the V&A -- the ballgown in the center image was worn by Princess Diana 
on a state visit to Hong Kong in 1989

A minute's walk from my hotel was the Victoria and Albert Museum's exhibit "British Glamour Since the 1950's". The exhibit opened to celebrate their newly renovated Fashion Galleries, and features sixty jaw-dropping designs worn at social events over the past sixty years. It was inspiring to see these one-of-a-kind couture ballgowns up close, reminding me of the artistic genius behind today's most renowned design houses.

A pectoral disc from the jewelry exhibit, made in Ghana before 1874
I also took a little tour through the jewelry collection at the V&A -- one of the most comprehensive collections in the world, with over 3,000 European jewels from ancient times to the present day.  I only had 1 1/2 hours before the museum closed, and now I must return one day to finish my tour -- there is just so much to see and take in!

My new favorite beverage
I love finding new treasures while traveling -- I was hanging out at my friend Lauren's home in Belgravia, and she offered me this incredible ginger beer by Fever Tree made in the U.K. (non-alcoholic) -- now it's my new favorite drink.  Lucky me -- their website says it is available at Spec's here in Texas.

P.S.  Hope you are all keeping cool -- I'm certainly trying to escape the heat down here in Texas!  Until my next post...

June 22, 2012

The History, The Architecture, The Shopping...More British Adventures!

My trip to London was truly a cultural experience -
every element helping me to experience the city as an
artistic center with rich history. 

Street view of Charlotte Street Hotel

Views from my room at Number Sixteen

To start, I stayed in two hotels within the Firmdale Hotels family, which both equally evoke the British culture in unique and different ways. Charlotte Street Hotel is humbly sophisticated and a minute's walk to Soho, while Number Sixteen in South Kensington is a bit more tucked away from the hustle and bustle in a neighborhoody area.

Approaching St. Paul Cathedral                                                  Me in front of Windsor Castle   

Just walking around London was an experience in and of itself. The rich history of the country, the thousands of years of royal families, and wars and conflicts are like secrets waiting to be told throughout the city.

While it is one of my dreams for Harrod's fine jewelry department to carry my jewelry line, it was fun to play anonymous shopper in one of the largest retail stores in the world. I had so much fun there--it's so easy to get lost in the many levels and departments.  I was simply mesmerized in the pet department by all the incredible bedding options for my dogs, Lexi and Whitney!  

Harrod's Pet Kingdom & Spa Entrance
I then ended my lovely evening there by eating a fabulous burger and yummy fries in The Diner, one of over 20 eateries within Harrod's! 

P.S.  Stay tuned for my next London post on butterflies, ballgowns and ginger beer.

June 20, 2012

From Waco Cotton Palace to London

My mother and I -- isn't she glamorous?

I just returned from a rejuvenating trip to London
for an intimate wedding of my longtime friend, Lauren.
It was full of friends, family, and cultural experience.

My supportive father, taking pictures for his blogger wife

The beautiful bride, in a beautiful Jenny Packham wedding gown, with her godmother

Lauren is a dear friend of mine whom I met when 
we were seventeen (!!!), both of us Duchesses in the Waco Cotton Palace. Her godmother, Jo, lives in Waco and is essentially the reason for our friendship. Jo flew all the way from Waco to attend her goddaughter's wedding in Lauren's friend's home, Groombridge Place in Kent. 

Diane Kordas (a London-based jewelry designer) and I 
on our way from the house to the reception

You might recognize the romantic setting from  
the 2005 film adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice
(which I love by the way), in which Groombridge Place 
served as Longbourn, the Bennet's family home.

An image from Pride & Prejudice

The couple of the weekend

It was a celebration of love in a gorgeous setting, 
amongst close friends and family.

P.S. Though it was the reason for my traveling across the Atlantic Ocean, the wedding was but the first of many memorable experiences during my trip to London -- more to come!

June 13, 2012

From Vegas to London!

The first week of June, my sales team and I debuted 
our new Fall 2012 collection at the Couture Show 
at the Wynn Las Vegas! Booth #908 became our home away
from home for the five days of the show, 
thanks to months of designing, planning and decorating.

Our cute booth!

With two of my sales people, Michelle & Whitney

 We enjoyed quality time with our retailers 
both in and out of the booth; events like Capri Jeweler's party 
at Lakeside allowed us to sit back and catch up with retailers 
as well as make new friends, like mini Elvis!

I'm currently in London for a dear friend's wedding
and meeting with one of our retailers, Astley Clarke. 
So much to be inspired by here...more to come, soon!

February 29, 2012

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February 8, 2012

Elephants in Thailand

The past month has been a whirlwind! I recently spent a week in Thailand in January to collaborate with my artisan groups and to get inspired for designing the Spring 2013 collection. I designed, met more amazing people through my generous local friends, and gemstone-shopped. But the most amazing part of my trip happened during the few days I took to get away at the start of my trip, focusing on stepping away from work, work, work.

Those who know me know my passion for animals, and therefore understand why bathing, feeding, and spending time with abused elephants at the Elephant Nature Park north of Chiang Mai in the Mae Taeng Valley was such a powerful experience for me.

My day of volunteering was informative, emotional, and spiritual. The kind staff of Lek Chailert's Elephant Nature Park taught our squad of volunteers the cruel and inhumane tactics that tourist attractions in Southeast Asia use to subordinate elephants mere days after they are born. Lek's mission is to increase awareness about the plight of the endangered Asian elephant, educate locals on the humane treatment of their elephants, and provide sanctuary for rescued elephants.

Lek's Elephant Nature Park allows its rescued elephants to live the life of an elephant. No longer do they have to paint pictures with their trunks, play the drums, or perform demeaning circus tricks. They are not made to carry heavy benches on their backs, which can deform and even break an elephant's spine. They are no longer forced into submission with implements such as "the hook" and they are not chained during the day.

Feeding and bathing these elephants was symbolic to me of how simple life is when we let it be. A few seconds of eye contact with one of these abused elephants was a powerful reminder to me of how all beings are truly connected.

To support this worthy cause through volunteering or donations, please click here to visit Elephant Nature Foundation's website.