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January 20, 2015

From Me, To You

I’ve been delaying my reboot of this blog for a couple of reasons. First, because of some internal, self-generated pressure that before I proceed it has to be perfect. And besides, everyone has a blog these days, so who’s going to read it anyway, right? 
E.B. White says:  “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.”  Thank you E.B., I needed to hear that.
Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings’ Blog

I recently finished reading “Share Your Work,” a short book by Austin Kleon recommended by my beloved cousin Drew. Thanks to Austin’s words of encouragement, regardless of what the future might bring, I feel it’s imperative that I write this, and begin to “share my work,” even if it’s imperfect.
Get 'Share Your Work' Here

From the outside, my work appears to be as a jewelry designer, and yes, jewelry is a result of my "work." But my truest, most important work -- and my purpose in this life -- is to simply remind you of how beautiful you already are. You are precious, regardless of your outward appearance or any piece of clothing and jewelry you could ever put on your body. 
wearing my jewelry to serve as a reminder of my preciousness in this world
I need a daily personal reminder of this, especially on days when I didn't get a solid night's sleep. Fatigue inevitably turns up the volume on that awful internal critic of mine, and alas, the temptation to dump coffee/caffeine over my wearied self tends to work in the inverse.
Thank the goodness in this world that I have fantastic solutions for getting out of a less than optimal mental space since simply going back to sleep isn't always an option.
Here are a few ways I drown out the critic: going for a run, reaching out to an uplifting friend, offering help to someone, listening to an educational podcast and escape into learning (like James Altucher's Podcast here and Tim Ferriss' podcast here), sharing my work through posts like this (ah, yes, last night was one of those less-than-six-hours-of-sleep nights), creating a way to enter into the “zone” on a project at work,
a sneak peak of a custom jewelry project we're working on
sitting in meditation (Sharon Salzberg is a great guide), eating healthy foods ("Eating on the Wild Side" was recommended to me by my friend, Krista), yoga, consciously smiling and relaxing the muscles in my face (a natural facelift!), wearing my jewelry to serve as a reminder of my preciousness in this world, consciously recognizing negative thoughts and turning them around to be positive...
yoga clears my mind for a fresh perspective and
Exhale is one of my favorites in Dallas
These are just a few solutions that help me disengage with the critic and remember my preciousness, to feel beautiful.
Plus, they remind me to focus on seeking progress, not perfection.
graphic compliments of Patti Murphy Designs
My company’s mantra this year is TO ADD VALUE to the lives of anyone I can reach. I personally want to see, read, experience, and learn things that add value to my own life, and it has become even more important to me to ensure I am doing the same for you.
Email me with your favorite quotes, stories, books, podcasts, or any other inspiration that reinforces your confidence.  I would also love to hear from you if you are simply feeling stuck or challenged.  I am committed to fostering a community that lifts each other up!
Feel beautiful,