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May 21, 2014


I love thinking about how many ways our world works in synch - and how natural  elements and influences interact to affect the work we do.  It is no funny coincidence that my latest dalliance is with the Zodiac.
Isn't it incredible, reading your horoscope, just how eerily accurate it can be?  More than just a medieval or folkloric pastime, Astrology has long been considered (sometimes controversially) a science.  It's about the influence of distant cosmic objects, planets, stars, the sun and the moon, and how powerfully their positioning was, on the day we were born.  

I can't say I live and breathe by my astrological status, but I do confess to being intrigued.  Two books on Astrology that I have loved for years are Phyllis Vega's "What Your Birthday Reveals about You" and Linda Goodman's "Sun Signs" (Linda Goodman's blog is here).    My favorite online Zodiac read is Astrolutely.  I do follow it though -- just as a fun way to check in with myself.  

I'm Virgo.  This description, found online, is pretty amazingly accurate.


Astrology has inspired artists since as early as 300 BC -- the Ancients saw art in the sky and named the constellations to be guiding images that have lasted through the millennia.  I love the personality of each sign, the clever humor, perhaps not meant to be taken seriously, at all!  

It's for its artistic inspiration that I have turned to the Zodiac, and am thrilled to introduce my newest collection of gold and silver pendants, available now for presale*.  


I can't wait to see how people choose to wear their sign...

Feel Beautiful!

*To order your Zodiac pendant, email us at  Available in gold and silver, pendants will be ready for delivery around June 15th.