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February 1, 2010

To a Fabulous New Year

And YAY because BLUE is one of my two favorite colors and it's making a huge comeback
this year! Pantone, the global authority on color, announced that 2010's color of the year is turquoise! Regardless of it being a hot color for now (I honestly haven't seen it not be a hot color), I simply love it for its bold color--I wear it with almost any clothing
that I put on. I have mixed it primarily with gold over the years, but also have
recently started to mix it into our Silver Collection. I am also using london blue
topaz which has a richness that I adore. And I am using london blue topaz over
white mother of pearl which is yummy!

Our Turtle Creek Showroom Hours

Our Turtle Creek showroom is open the week before Valentine's Day from Monday, February 8th through Friday, February 12th from 11am-5pm daily. I will personally be here both Monday and Tuesday (the 8th and 9th) . Please send your sweetie in to see
us! Or of course, please shop for yourself. We have just officially launched both
our new Silver Collection and our new 18kt Gold Collection for Spring! I am so
excited about both of them. I feel better than I ever have about my designs with
my new collections. Shoppers can also purchase some of the Silver Collection online
And please remember that my 18kt Gold Collection is also available in Dallas at
Stanley Korshak and Forty Five Ten. Click here to find a store in other cities.

Tucson Gem Show

I am going on a hunt for fabulous gemstones next week in Tucson. I am designing
custom jewelry now in 18kt gold, so please let me know if there are any lovely
gemstones that you would like for me to find for you.

Save the Date for ESTEEM

The newest event of The Elisa Project - is a celebration of positive body image
that will be held in Dallas in conjunction with National Eating Disorders Awareness
Week. Local celebrities will join girls and women, boys and men, of all ages and
sizes, to embrace healthy, balanced lifestyles and self acceptance. By helping
to increase awareness about eating disorders and the importance of positive body
image, ESTEEM encourages people to love themselves while striving to be healthy.
For more info, click the link below to visit The Elisa Project's fabulous NEW
and improved website! (their new website was designed by my friend Adrienne Cornelsen's company, InSite Interactive ;)

New Year's Celebration in My Home

I had a casual gathering in my home to celebrate our new year in mid-January with
everyone who works full-time for me--Maria, me, Karen, Blanca and Erin (Dori took
this photo and is not pictured here).

A funny thing that happened--we all took a tour through my house, and when we returned
to the kitchen, my dog Whitney was standing ON TOP of the kitchen island eating
the crackers and brie with fig preserves! Should I call her Marley?