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August 1, 2012

While Elizabeth is away......

....her sales team will play!  Elizabeth is on a fabulous vacation to the Bahamas with her sister, Susanna. (jealous!)  While she is away she asked us, her sales team, to post this weeks blog! With the last few weeks of this crazy hot summer upon us here is a taste of what we in the office have been wearing this season!  We could not be more obsessed with the white agate, green and blue turquoise, moonstone, and moss agate.

If you know Elizabeth and her brand you will know that she truly sees her designs as more than just pretty jewelry.  "She infuses each of her designs with the conviction that every woman is beautiful and strong."  That conviction is carried over into our office and it makes for a pretty empowering place to work...and super fun!  She truly challenges us to stop sweating the small stuff and remember in that moment what makes us feel powerful and productive...and yes, beautiful.

At this moment and really every moment since November 23, 2010 what makes me feel happy and beautiful is my daughter, Eva.  Whether a trip to the beach or loving on our dogs, Sophie and Lyla, there is nothing like experiencing and seeing the world through the eyes of child.  Everything is so new and exciting and I get to see it and experience it all over again for the first time with her!

I just returned from a vacation to Colorado that included an incredible 3 day bike ride benefitting the Children's Hospital of Denver, Courage Classic.  I road with my cousin Kristen and her husband, Scott Miner.  Nothing is better than a great bike ride benefitting a great cause or a hike to the top of a mountain with your close family.  Fresh air equals a fresh outlook on life!

Seeing that Elizabeth’s brand message is to always make women feel good about themselves, she often asks us what it is that makes us feel happy or good about ourselves. There is one thing that always comes to mind for me: Charlie.  Every time I walk through the door he welcomes me with open arms and unconditional love.  Anytime I begin to feel stressed or upset, Charlie is always there to put a smile on my face.

We also want to welcome Whitney to the Elizabeth Showers team!  She just joined us in June and with her excellent taste and enthusiam she is the perfect addition to our group. 

Stay tuned for Elizabeth's posts on all the rest of her summer travels....

Until next time!

Elizabeth Showers Sales Team
Karen, Michelle, and Whitney