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March 28, 2014


Winter turns to spring.

Tommy, the kids and I drove west to New Mexico, not knowing what we'd find, but deeply in need of a break.  What I didn't realize is just what a break it would give us!

First of all, in New Mexico, there's practically NO CELL SIGNAL.  So, we talked!  Conversations were extemporaneous and humor-filled, which happens when you have the time and the space to hear each other.   We drove, and listened to music, and played games.  
Finger puppets we found along the way became our entertainment on the road.  
We designed an over-the-road adventure that included State Parks, Martians and Ski Lifts.   
 Carlsbad Caverns, a jewelry designer's paradise, inspired visions of the way minerals are transformed into objects of beauty.  Stalactites of limestone were so eerily suspended, creating incredible shadows and angles.  As if the millennia of dripping and falling suddenly one day just... stopped... 
Carlsbad Caverns National Park 
The breadth and depth of the desert, the dry wind which at times howled over the roads ahead of us, made us feel both insignificant and very powerful.  
 Ethan framed against the NM plateaus that spread north from Carlsbad.
It was all about breathing, I think.  

I'm closing my eyes now and calling back what cleansed me during that week in New Mexico.  The fragrance of the desert and the effervescence of the mountains.  I see jade greens, dusky browns and deep sky blues.  And I hear the voices of the children -- how profoundly their voices provoke us to truly live in the moment.

The dual tracks, patterns on a Taos ski run.
I collected stuff, too, especially from a cool Taos store called Moxie.  Two of my favorite souvenirs are a gentle, turquoise-hued female buddha and an incense-burning pueblo, just like one I had in my childhood home.  

I loved this store, though it may not be unlike others that sell bright colored folk art.  I loved it for the bright spirit of the owner, Katie Thomas, and her unwavering commitment to provide unique beauty while supporting fair trade for the arts and artisans.  Here's what she says about herself and her mission:

Why Moxie?  Moxie is:
1 - The ability to face difficulty with spirit and courage.
2 - Aggressive energy and initiative.
3 - Skill and know-how.

It takes Moxie to venture into an unknown field in a recessive era.  It takes Moxie for crafters in developing countries to work hard to improve the quality of life for themselves and their families.  And "Moxie", it's a fun word to say.

This much-needed break gave me a dose of perspective, fresh air and MOXIE.  

Feel beautiful!