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June 22, 2012

The History, The Architecture, The Shopping...More British Adventures!

My trip to London was truly a cultural experience -
every element helping me to experience the city as an
artistic center with rich history. 

Street view of Charlotte Street Hotel

Views from my room at Number Sixteen

To start, I stayed in two hotels within the Firmdale Hotels family, which both equally evoke the British culture in unique and different ways. Charlotte Street Hotel is humbly sophisticated and a minute's walk to Soho, while Number Sixteen in South Kensington is a bit more tucked away from the hustle and bustle in a neighborhoody area.

Approaching St. Paul Cathedral                                                  Me in front of Windsor Castle   

Just walking around London was an experience in and of itself. The rich history of the country, the thousands of years of royal families, and wars and conflicts are like secrets waiting to be told throughout the city.

While it is one of my dreams for Harrod's fine jewelry department to carry my jewelry line, it was fun to play anonymous shopper in one of the largest retail stores in the world. I had so much fun there--it's so easy to get lost in the many levels and departments.  I was simply mesmerized in the pet department by all the incredible bedding options for my dogs, Lexi and Whitney!  

Harrod's Pet Kingdom & Spa Entrance
I then ended my lovely evening there by eating a fabulous burger and yummy fries in The Diner, one of over 20 eateries within Harrod's! 

P.S.  Stay tuned for my next London post on butterflies, ballgowns and ginger beer.

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