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May 31, 2013


Greetings from Brazil!  
The weather's lovely and the people are too.  
Wish you were here!

Feel beautiful!

The view from atop Corcovado Mountain

 Fresh juice and all kinds of little snack sandwiches. They've been juicing for years in Brazil! 

Local flavors at the local market

Conde -- one of the sweetest sub-tropical fruits I've ever tasted.

Late afternoon snack of fresh mango, a hot dog and Kibbe, an Arab delicacy made from bulghur, onions and meat.  It migrated to Brazil with the Syrian & Lebanese Diaspora in the early 20th century.  
And of course, um garoto, an espresso shot with just a splash of milk.

Tommy and me.  
Christo Redemtor is said to be the largest Art Deco statue in the world - 130' tall standing 700 meters above the City.

Such an adventure!

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