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May 12, 2013

Butterflies and Mother's Day

Butterflies mean a lot to me, also to my family.  They are symbols of positive change, of surprising, almost astounding metamorphosis. In early Christianity and also in the Native American tradition, the butterfly was a symbol of the soul, finally untethered and free.  For my family, butterflies represent the light and love between us, through every chapter, and every transformation. 

Several years ago, a migration alit in my parents' yard in Hillsboro almost as if they knew how much they meant to us!  There was a monarch on every bush and tree leaf, for nearly 48 hours, with a few stragglers remaining over the following days.  On 3 acres of land, it was an incredible sight, and one that none of us will ever forget.  

My Mom and I both live our life in creativity and color, and in many ways butterflies are a symbol of that shared love.  My office is filled with butterflies -- they're a reminder, of how far I’ve flown, and how far there is still to fly! 

Framed Morpho butterflies in my office

 Butterfly art on the wall in my office

I found a perfect Mother’s Day card for my Mom with a cut-out of a butterfly.  We’ll continue our metamorphosis, and our colors will surely only grow more beautiful.  
For my Mom:  Happy Mother’s Day.

My mom and me

feel beautiful - 

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