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July 11, 2013


This week marks our first ever Feel Beautiful Week, and we've asked several dynamic fashion & design bloggers to pick their favorite pieces from my current collection, style them in their own unique way and include their thoughts about the Feel Beautiful message in their own lives.

As I've read these incredible, creative posts, I'm inspired to tell my own Feel Beautiful story.

Feel Beautiful has been our mantra for years now.  At the center of a profound shift in my business (read about that here), it is still a daily reminder for me and my entire team about how we operate as a company and live our own individual lives.  Indeed, the Feel Beautiful message is an integral part of every design I create - I think of it almost as a quiet whisper that accompanies each piece of Elizabeth Showers jewelry, urging every woman to feel beautiful, in the moment.  Not to wait until tomorrow, or for when those 5 pounds are lost.  Not this afternoon after a workout, not when our hair finally gets colored, or when we graduate, or get married, or when our husband does what we want him to do, not when our children are out of the house, not when we are retired…  
But to Feel Beautiful,  RIGHT NOW. 

My Swinging Monkey pendant is a whimsical Feel Beautiful reminder!  

The tree branch shank of my Rutilated Quartz ring evokes the Tree of Life
Here is this same ring in white moonstone

At this moment, I am sitting at my kitchen counter typing these powerful words.  Still to this day, they inspire me to keep still and feel great about myself, right now -- the birds are chirping outside, my dogs are sleeping on the kitchen floor at my feet, my air conditioner is running and cooling the house on this scorching 100 degree day in Dallas.  
It's this moment that matters.

The Feel Beautiful message is my way of giving back to the many women who have so graciously given to me.  Thank you, all of you.

Feel beautiful!

Be sure to read and enjoy these Feel Beautiful posts written by some of our favorite style bloggers to help celebrate Feel Beautiful Week!

Carly, of C. Style: Jewelry from Day to Night
Albertina, of Mimosa Lane: Feel Beautiful
And stay tuned:  tomorrow, Monica will post on her Blueprint for Style

With sweet Lexi on my terrace.  Living for the moment!

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  1. Such a beautiful message!! Such beautiful photos of you! I loved being a part of this uplifting campaign. Your pup is adorable! My mom used to have one and then recently she had a Norwhich.