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July 8, 2013


True Icons are not just curators of style, they're women who have made conscious choices that shape our culture for the better.  Kate Winslet is one of those Icons.  I was thrilled that my Bird's Nest ring was recently featured alongside this extraordinary actress in Today's Chicago Woman (TCW) Magazine.  Even better, it was in their 100 Women of Influence issue.  

Kate Winslet has defined her work, and her exquisite beauty, on her terms, which is  admirable in an industry that is literally "skin deep".  Think about her role as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, the single mom of 4 boys in "Finding Neverland".  And the incredible paradox of her enchanting - but totally reckless - Marianne Dashwood in "Sense and Sensibility", and the passionate and deeply scarred Hanna Schmitz in "The Reader".  Each of these characters is flinty and independent - but ultimately, so vulnerable.

Kate Winslet in "Finding Neverland" with Johnny Depp

In "Sense and Sensibility" 

and in "The Reader"

Kate Winslet has been unwavering in her advocacy for a healthy body image, and has cried out loudly for the entertainment industry to take a stand and change their devastating message: that happiness is all about how you look.  

We at Elizabeth Showers are channeling Kate Winslet as we launch our first Feel Beautiful Week.  Look for fun collaborations with several great style bloggers who will post about how they bring the Feel Beautiful message to life, in their own words and images.

Feel Beautiful! 

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