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November 7, 2018

Goodbye, For Real This Time

Three years ago I attempted to end this extraordinary era of Elizabeth Showers jewelry. Now three years later, I have finally - for real this time -- made a decision to say goodbye to my 22-year-old jewelry adventure.

Styles throughout the years, still 
available a little bit longer for special order!

One of the main reasons it has been a challenge for me to move on, is that I enjoy creating for all of you, my customers and friends. It's a bit humorous all of the back-and-forth: in 2015, I decided to leave the jewelry business, and then what I found amidst the chaos of closing was the fun and joy in selling online and connecting with customers. This made it so hard to leave, and as you witnessed, I stayed. I kept thinking I would quit, but time moved forward and I continued to stay, still believing I would soon move on. I then considered how much I had invested into this work, so why not relaunch with a lower-priced collection reminiscent of my vintage collection from all those years ago? As this was happening, I began to know physically, mentally, and spiritually that it was time to move on.

I think many of us do this, stay where we are comfortable and familiar. It has been a good place, and one with so many friends I have made over the years. It's been a challenge (obviously) to say goodbye. I am now not calling it "quitting" -- instead, it's a metamorphosis into a new career (outside the field of precious jewels). The HopeStar will continue to live on in a different way outside of jewelry -- and I will keep you posted on this!

Most importantly, it will continue to live on in the jewelry that all of you are wearing!! You can continue to carry this HopeStar on you, to remind you and those around you of how precious and beautiful you all are.

With this big change and final goodbye, you may now purchase the collections at a fraction of their original prices! The Sale to End All Sales is going on now and once these styles are gone, there really will be no more. Shop the sale here.

And we are donating 5% of all HopeStar jewelry sales to The Elisa Project. As a past Star of Hope recipient, and having recovered in my early 20s from an eating disorder, I am honored to give a little bit back to this amazing organization dedicated to creating awareness of and preventing eating disorders through education, support, and advocacy.

One of The Elisa Project's recent annual luncheon's speakers, 
Nancy Kerrigan in one of our HopeStar necklaces in People Magazine.

I am sad to say goodbye. My plan is that although this is a goodbye from jewelry, it is not goodbye for us. The biggest gift I can give you all is to remember your essential beauty always lies within. 

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