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June 27, 2018

A Continued Journey of Healing, Health and Life

This month, I celebrate 26 years of not only being recovered from anorexia, but also I celebrate having learned to love myself and my body.  It has been an imperfect process, as is life.  What an adventure it has been and still is.

I hated my body between the ages of 13 and 20.
During those years of my life, I endangered the health to my already-thin body through all kinds of extremely restrictive dieting, all stemming from thinking very little about myself.

The HopeStar is our reminder that Beauty begins Within.  As I have been seeing the first signs of aging in my mid-40s, the HopeStar has become even closer to my heart, the HopeStar has become a beacon to guide me, to remind me of what is most important.

Featured in People Magazine, Nancy Kerrigan in one of our HopeStar necklaces. She told me that she wears it almost daily.

I am honored that the HopeStar is a beacon of light and hope to so many. I recently received a thoughtful note from Nancy Kerrigan about her HopeStar necklace, of which The Elisa Project gifted to her when she told her story during one of their annual events a few years ago.

My wish is to keep inspiring others with the meaning of the HopeStar, especially younger generations like my niece Eliza and stepdaughter Harley.  Their generation (among others) can be challenged by social media's perfected images to distinguish authenticity from fiction.  At age 46, with my 30 years of living beyond Eliza and Harley, I am occasionally still challenged myself to know the difference.

Please remember and help spread the word that Beauty begins Within.

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