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June 21, 2013


At least once a summer, I set aside a long weekend to travel with my girlfriends.  It's this special, undivided time that pumps me with the creative energy to do what I do every day.

This summer, it was destination Oregon. My dear friend Ann and I traveled to the remote and largely un-touristed area in the Northeastern part of the state which is known for its peaks and forests.  We soaked in the local culture, and spent an amazing day hiking a slice of the Pacific Crest Trail.

The views are magnificent from Pilot Rock, a peak in Northeastern Oregon - and a 2-mile scramble up about 6,000 feet!  

Debating the steep climb up Pilot Rock

Ann and I hiked with her friend Carole (from her photo shoot work for Harry & David)

Ann loves to visit this corner of Oregon, and as a stylist, has done many a photo shoot here.  Ashland is home to one of the only non-commercial sources for Lithia Water.  The supposed elixir bubbles up from water fountains in Lithia Park.  It may have healing properties, but it tasted terrible!    

Ashland is an incredibly sweet town - with its open air market and music on the street.  And great boutiques like Prize, my new favorite.

And there's lots of that funky Oregon cool.  Yes, these are bumper stickers.  My favorite is still "What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about?"

This part of Oregon exists in a sphere of its own - it is clean and real, and people share themselves with joy, with a true independent spirit.  Being here with friends was for me, like sharing a pact that we'll have sealed in our thoughts, until our next journey together.

May we live such beauty every day!

Feel beautiful,

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