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June 12, 2013


It is officially here - the first week of June brings a different kind of routine, one that calls for a gentle approach, a nod to warm air and bright sun, time with family and friends both at home and afar.

Every Monday morning, my team and I share our "bests" with each other.  We reflect about our accomplishments of the last week, and also about our "personal bests", what we're most excited about outside the space we share at work.  I love how full my team's lives are, love hearing about their little ones learning to swim, and about friends, sisters and brothers getting married; about cross-country travel and all the stories that seem more vivid just for taking place during these sultry days of summer.  

Summertime is when we charge our engines around here.  

Go out and drink in that wild summer air!

feel beautiful,

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