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September 16, 2010

Joe Star Ring

I have to write about our first men’s ring. One of our best customers is Diane Podwysocki (or rather Dipod, which is her nickname) from Okotoks, Alberta in Canada. Her husband is Joey, and I think as he watched her collect my jewels over the past 2 years, he had kept his eye on one of our bestsellers, and asked us to make it for him in a masculine style. So we designed it without diamonds, used a dark smooth smokey quartz cabachon and beefed it up with more gold… and it turned out really cool. We are calling it the “Joe Star Ring” as a spin-off name on our "Hope Star" ... Joey should feel special as this is a momentous occasion!The scenery behind Dipod and Joey is the Calgary Skyline. The tower is called the Calgary Tower and was one of the tallest buildings built in the early 60's to celebrate Calgary's 100 year anniversary. Dipod is wearing two jewels from a past collection--my turquoise pinwheel earrings and pendant.

Joey and Dipod are in-town right now, and Joey is cooking a feast for me, my friend Erin (who also works here), and another mutual friend of ours, Lynn Larson, who is also starting to represent us at a few trunk shows around the United States. I can't wait to see the Joe Star Ring on Joey and to taste the feast!

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