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October 12, 2015

Catch Me While You Can

I've got big news for all my customers and friends. I'm preparing for a new incarnation by stepping back from business as usual as of January 2016. I am hitting the reset button on my designs and inventory, slowing down to create the space to reinvent.

I am not yet sure the meaning of "reinvent" for myself... this could be in the world of jewelry or not. I took an aptitude test recently that said I would make a great engineer, surgeon, architect, and alas, a designer!

I am happy and gratified with the work I have done as a jewelry designer and entrepreneur over the past 20 years. Since I have been in this field, the landscape has become more crowded and in some ways less diverse. At the risk of sounding too self-congratulatory, I'm proud to say that most of the jewelry styles I've designed (and have in my inventory) still strike me as beautiful, versatile, and amazing.

However, I am ready to move to a new phase in my career. We are dramatically discounting almost everything in my inventory. 

Now and throughout this fall season, we are rolling out and putting ON SALE 400-500 unique jewelry styles many of which we only have one or two left, which means if you really want something, buy it now.  These jewels will be at our lowest prices ever. 

Celebrate with me by shopping this once in a lifetime sale event, and let me remind you of how beautiful and precious you already are!

It’s an End of an Era at Elizabeth Showers.

Catch me while you can!

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