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January 1, 2014


I wrote this post this New Year's Eve, December 31, 2013 -- I was out in the country of Mississippi 2 days ago, my wifi was challenged and we just discovered it hadn't posted, so here's my New Year message to release whatever is in your way to create a beautiful space for your dreams!

New Years is so sweet - when done compassionately, it's the best kind of celebration.  It's the moment in the year when we are encouraged to stop and acknowledge our accomplishments.  It's a time to give a nod to the ups and downs, and to say a quick thanks to the people who've accompanied us along the way.  

This New Years, I'm excited to begin a new tradition that I learned years ago on one of my many trips to Thailand.  Once the afternoon light wanes, Tommy and I, along with many of our family and friends, will light Sky Lanterns and release them into the night sky.   It's my hope that with the lanterns, we'll each send off a wish and a dream, releasing them to create the space to come true.  The lanterns will mark the passage of the old year, and welcome the surprises of the new.  

Our first sky lantern, also known as a wish lantern, into the Mississippi sky.
After the last lantern flickers out, we'll light our bottle rockets and roman candles, and send 2013 off with fanfare!

Happy New Year, my friends.

Feel Beautiful!

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