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October 12, 2013


No matter what collection I'm working on, the real determination of how my designs take shape is Color.  

Color Therapy is increasingly prevalent, with powerful applications in everything from helping children learn to supporting the treatment of mental health disorders and depression.  Indeed, color has an overwhelming effect on our sense of balance and well-being, even on the kinds of choices we make.  We associate with color in truly astounding ways -- think about the favorite color you chose as a child.  I'll bet that color is still one that you gravitate toward, even now.  

What's amazing is that color is largely subjective.  It's simply the way light is reflected or absorbed, then received by the eye and processed by the brain which names it "red" or "blue" or "yellow".  In other words, we make color based on where we are physically, and how we perceive the way light hits us.   No wonder we have favorites - we create what we see! 

Gorgeous Tourmaline 
I'm gravitating toward Green these days, and it's not surprising.  Green occupies more space on the color spectrum than any other shade because of how many attributes it shares with other colors.  Green is the color of the natural world, redolent of life from earth to sky.  Whether its deep forest or sunny lime, Green is considered refreshing and tranquil, it's the color of growth and fruitfulness.  
Glass Trees by Andreas Engesvik
Green is said to have powerful properties for nutrition and wellness, too.  Last weekend at Lucky Pines, Krista and I invented this incredible Green Drink, and I've had it for breakfast every morning since.  It's all natural vitamins and protein, in a deep, minerally green.  
Life in a glass, enjoy! 

Elizabeth & Krista's Green Power Shake 
Serves 2

Blend together these ingredients:
frozen strawberries - 1 c
frozen blueberries - 1 c
unsweetened plain or chocolate almond milk - 1 c
frozen organic spinach, packed - 1 c
frozen kale, if you like - 1/4 c
almond butter - 2 tbsp
wheatgrass - 1 tbsp
spirulina - 1 tsp
flaxseed meal - 1 tsp
ground chia seeds - 1 tbsp
hemp powder, for extra protein - 1 tbsp
cacao nibs - 1 tbsp
a few dried goji berries 
cold water, for consistency
liquid stevia - to taste

Feel beautiful!

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