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July 14, 2010

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Two weeks ago, I travelled to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for the 3rd year in a row to do a trunk show at Goodie 2 Shoes. I adore the store (I always buy several things for myself), the women who run the store, and the customers! We had another great show and a lot of fun. This is me with Jenny on the left and Susan on the right.

After the show on Thursday and Friday, I always hike all weekend every year I am there. This is me at Phelps Lake at the Rockefeller Preserve. It's a dreamy hike--my favorite of all the ones I have done thus far in the Jackson Hole area. This is the first year that we hiked the entire lake. It's a great inspiration for me--for new designs as well as inspiration to simply enjoy the moment and to be grateful for the beauty of this earth.

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